MMP Architects provide a full range of services as defined by The Royal Institute of British Architects.

Stages A-B     Inception or feasibility studies

On every project this will be different but can include a survey of an existing building to determine its suitability for the project, preliminary discussions with the planning department, highways engineers and other parties to asses project feasibility.

Stage C     Outline proposals

Before undertaking any project MMP will examine strategic design issues such as massing, proximity to neighbouring buildings and provisional layouts ensuring that at the start projects are undertaken in the time allotted ensuring the best possible return on investment.

Stage D     Scheme design

Working with the client MMP will progress the scheme to the planning application for submission to the local authority. This generally includes elevational treatments, parking provision and sometimes perspective views to fully explain the design.

Stage E     Detailed design

Upon receipt of planning consent, the drawings are progressed for submission for building regulation approval. This incorporates technical issues such as:

  • Structure
  • Drainage
  • Disabled access.

At this stage, other consultants, notably a Structural Engineer will be working alongside MMP to ensure that all aspects of the project are considered. The specification is usually prepared at this stage.

Stage F-G     Production information and Bills of Quantities

Following the detailed design the drawings and specification have an additional layer of detail added. These can include finishes, fixtures and fittings in order to complete the scope of the building works.

Stage H     Tender action

To ensure a best return on investment MMP act as a key member of the client team. The drawings and specification are sent to selected appropriate building contractors for costing. This also includes a pre-tender health & safety plan, a document covering any other constraints to the building works. E.g. Proximity to existing services, working hours. MMP then work with the client to select the building contractor for the project.

Stage J     Project planning

Upon receipt of the tenders, the preferred builder is selected based upon cost, availability and previous experience. The building programme is formalised and a formal building contract drawn up between client and builder. During this stage MMP ensure that all aspects of the project are considered including Bills of Quantities and production information.

Stages K-L     Operations on site and contract administration

On larger projects, MMP undergo periodic site inspections of the building works to ensure the quality of the work and programme are being maintained. This also includes certification of payment to the contractor. Upon completion, a “practical completion” certificate is issued at which point the building may be ready for use.

Other services

In addition to the services provided as outlined by RIBA MMP Architecs also undertake a number of other activities on behalf of our clients. These include:

Master Planning

On larger sites, we are able to advise our clients on strategic design issues. This can include discussions with the local authority, the Environment Agency and other Government bodies with a view to producing a co-ordinated building programme.

Planning Supervisors

All MMP Architects partners are RIBA trained to fulfil this health & safety role, both on our own projects and those being designed by other architects. This includes notifying the client of their own responsibilities under the 1995 Construction: Design & management (CDM) regulations and ensuring compliance throughout the project.

Internal Design and Development

More information coming soon.

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